The ease and convenience of using personalized startpages, has led to million of users, using these on daily basis to browse Internet. However, if one looks into the online world, a number of service providers offering different types of startpages, can be found. Therefore, careful selection is required while looking for a well-organized browser homepage that can serve its purpose to the fullest.

Personal Startpage

Personal Startpage

Here is a list of the top 5 browser homepages that are most popular among users. Let’s have a look:

1. iGoogle: It is a convenient interface, provided by world’s leading search engine, Google, in which you can add your web data, even from third parties. There are a number of gadgets available on this startpage, including, display channels, sidebar, Googlegram, etc.

2. Pageflakes: A module based startpage, where each of the modules varies in their content. Using this service, you can share and see content posted by other members of this community. One noteworthy feature here is that it has integrated the facility to write emails from Gmail.

3. STARTME: An emerging startpage platform that enables users to create their own custom homepage, using their most likeable bookmarks and feeds. It is a simple drag and drop interface, where you can even add your custom search options.

4. Netvibes: A custom webpage, with a list of widgets that offers you facilities like business marketing, online communities, business monitoring and much more…It also offers mailing options including Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc.

5. MyYahoo: A very popular homepage provided by Yahoo that allows you to integrate all your web data, including feeds into a single page. Most of the times, it is compared to iGoogle, for these two being giving tough competition to each other.

Looking at each of these startpages, you can have an idea about which one suits your needs to the best. Get started!


In today’s cyber world, changing the look and feel of your browser or homepage is not that important. However, when these changes, besides improving the appearance make your browsing experience more interesting and exciting, it then becomes obvious to pay a little attention.

Chrome Bookmarks

Chrome Bookmarks

Google Chrome online stores keep on adding new stuff each day to help users with ways that are more convenient. Till today, it has come up with several new extensions that have helped number of users in giving the chrome Startpage a newer look.

From many others, the customized Startpage service enables you to edit the landing page according to your preferences and needs. The metro style web page offers an attractive and professional look to your browsing session. You can arrange and maintain all-important tabs in a single window from where it can be accessed with a single mouse click.

No more, you need to remember and type the lengthy addresses of important websites. As, it enables the user to save bookmarks, that can be accessed from anywhere anytime. To keep updated, you can add and delete the shortcuts as per the requirements.

Making this as the landing page of your browser, you get access to Google apps, news feed, and social networking websites from the single window. There is no need to open different tabs for different websites of your choice. Moreover, you can also choose different desktop backgrounds, wallpapers and themes to get an appealing look for the browser.

With advent in technologies and more number of population depending upon the use of internet, there is hope to see further developments in this area. You need to search the web and keep updated with latest ones to get the best.


While using internet, what do you see when you open up your browser? Your homepage! It is the first thing you see when you start your browser. Have you ever thought to customize your homepage? Because at times, typing URLs or website address daily sometimes become so annoying and frustrating. Customizing your start page will allow you to assemble your favorite links, frequently used websites, social networking sites and RSS feeds at one place.

Web Browser Firefox

The plan to add a start page to your browser is mainly to put all the preferred contents and needs at one place; for ease and to save time. Adding URLs of the websites which you visit frequently will elevate your web surfing and will save your time on the whole. It also helps you to stay up to date on blog posts, weather updates, and daily stock prices and so on. It keeps your time safe because you don’t have to go through the bookmarks to search for new blogs and sites.

Depending upon your preference that what site you want to create a start page, you can enjoy plenty of features on your customized page to keep you happy. Some of those are:

• Quick Access:

All the information at one place will automatically will save your precious time and you can access them at one click. It will provide you easy and speedy access to the several WebPages.

• Convenient:

It helps you in avoiding the practice of organizing the different URLs making the page more manageable and accessible. You can have easy access to popular websites and important links in a simple mode.

• Adding Useful Information:

This option will make your favourite links and other updates like weather, blogs, social networking sites on your web browser’s homepage. It will help in saving your time.

Readers! If you are a regular internet user, then getting your homepage personalized gives you bounty of advantages. Accessing bulk of information available on web through a customized start page is just few clicks away.


Today, a significant portion of worldwide population has access to Internet; with majority of them using online services on regular basis. Customizing things according to individual preferences, is therefore required, so as to get fast and easy access to the Web.

Start Page

In the present scenario, browser startpages are effective and resourceful online tools, that acts as easy shortcuts to your frequently visited websites. Personalizing your browser homepage according to your likings and interests, you can access your favorite web portals, without typing those long URLs.

However, as there are a number of service providers on Internet, offering the facility of customized web pages; it is important to know what features you should look for, to get the best personalized start page. Here are a few key points to help you:

• User-friendly Interface: A clear and easy-to-use platform with drag and drop facility, would better help you to organize your web resources proficiently. Whereas juggling through a complex interface, would result in wastage of time.

• Sharing: A homepage using which you can share your posts with others, would be a better choice, as you can present your thoughts and views publically.

• Migration Facility: While your bookmarks are stored on the startpage, make sure it has the import and export feature so that your data can be transferred easily, in case you want to migrate to another one.

• RSS Support: Addition of RSS feeds to the homepage should be easy enough, and it should also provide support for importing of OPML files.

• Availability of Widgets: Apart from adding bookmarks, there should be other features like support for different search engines and facility to add widgets like weather forecast, online calendar etc.

Considering all the above mentioned points, while searching for a browser homepage, you can surely make a wise choice. Start exploring the Web today!